What Natural Smells Can Combat Bed Bugs In El Centro, CA

October 15, 2021 - Bed Bugs

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Natural scents can do some amazing things. But can they actually deter or eliminate bed bugs? Learn whether or not natural scents work on bed bugs in El Centro and which ones are effective. If you're thinking of using natural scents to keep bed bugs away, there are some things you should know.

Using Natural Scents For Bed Bug Prevention

Bed bug prevention is nearly impossible. It doesn't matter which type of bed bug prevention method you want to use; it won't work. Unlike other pests, bed bugs don't react to the typical pest prevention techniques.

You can't sweep your floors and expect bed bugs to stay away. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on bed bugs because they aren't attracted to dirt. Instead, they're attracted to blood. They feed on you and your pets, which means your El Centro home could be a target.

Many people turn to natural scents to keep bed bugs away. However, essential oils aren't completely effective. Only certain oils work against bed bugs, and even then, they won't be 100% effective. You can't buy enough essential oils to make sure no bed bugs get into your home. According to a USDA study, essential oils are barely effective on bed bugs.

If you do opt for essential oils as a bed bug prevention method, stick to the ones that are the most functional. Blood orange oil, spearmint oil, and paraffin oil are all good choices.

What Works To Prevent Bed Bugs

To keep bed bugs away, you can try to use more proactive methods. For example, you can check your hotel bed for bed bugs before you go to sleep. You should also keep your luggage away from the wall and off the ground.

When you buy second-hand furniture, check it carefully before you bring it into your home. There could be bed bugs hiding in it. Inspect all used furniture for shed skins, fecal stains, and eggs. Obviously, you don't want to bring furniture into your home if it has bed bugs in it.

How To Handle An Infestation

Because natural scents and other methods won't guarantee you a bed bug-free home, you should always be ready to deal with an infestation. And just as bed bug prevention isn't a do-it-yourself feat, neither is bed bug elimination.

Natural scents won't get rid of an infestation, and baking soda won't do the trick either. Although a google search might give you 20 natural ways to kill bed bugs, those methods won't work. Bed bugs are fast breeders and hard to destroy, even with an insecticide.

If you have an infestation, you can try using extreme temperatures. They can't survive if it's too hot or too cold, so you can wash your clothes on high heat or put them in a freezer. However, these actions won't eliminate an entire infestation. They'll only get rid of a few bed bugs and will leave the rest to reproduce.

The Only Effective Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Once you have bed bugs, there's only one thing you can do - call the professionals. An expert knows how to inspect a home for bed bugs. Then, they know which tools are most effective at bed bug removal. Unlike you, professionals have access to modern pest control tools.

The longer you wait to treat bed bugs, the worse the situation will become. At night, you might be left to scratch at all your bed bug bites. Work with our team at Imperial County Pest Control, and you can eliminate bed bugs from your home the first time around. Our residential and commercial pest professionals are highly trained and fast to respond. If you want to learn more about what we can do, call us today.

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