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Are Termites Eating You Out Of Your Home?

Termites are one of the sneakiest pests because they can get into your home without your knowledge and will remain hidden until they’ve caused extensive damage to your house. The best way to stop termite damage is to prevent termites from getting into your home in the first place, but even if you have an active infestation, Imperial County Pest Control can help you get rid of them and prevent them from returning to your El Centro area home.

Our Termite Control Process

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Free Inspection

Determining if you have an active termite infestation will help guide our treatment process, but knowing if termites are present in your home can be tricky. Our professional service technicians are thoroughly trained on where to look for signs of termite activity in and around your home.

During your inspection, we’ll look inside your house and around the exterior for where termites may be hiding. We’ll inspect garages, attics, and crawlspaces, paying careful attention to the foundation. In addition to looking for signs of an active infestation, we’ll also look for conditions that would encourage an infestation, such as wood to soil contact, rotting wood, and excess moisture.


Once we’ve determined if we’re dealing with an active infestation or doing a preventative-only treatment, we’ll move into the treatment phase. For raised foundation homes, we’ll treat around the perimeter of your house, as well as access points, plumbing, and more.


We’ll return to your home a week after your initial treatment to reinspect and re-treat. We’ll then return on an as-needed basis until we are confident that we’ve eliminated your termite infestation in its entirety.

Wood-Destroying Organism/Insect Reports

If you’re in the process of purchasing a home, you may need a Wood-Destroying Organism/Insect Report to give to your lender. A licensed pest control specialist writes this report after performing an inspection of the home and looking for any signs of damage due to wood-destroying insects. Many lenders require these reports before approving your loan. Imperial County Pest Control provides this service. Contact us to learn more.

Guaranteed Termite Control You Can Trust In El Centro, CA

When you choose Imperial County Pest Control for your termite control needs, you’ll receive service that is backed by our one-year transferable warranty. Furthermore, if you have a recurring pest control plan with us, this warranty remains in effect as long as you have the plan. Don’t let termites destroy your house; protect your El Centro home with the help of Imperial County Pest Control. Learn more about our residential or commercial pest control plans in El Centro

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