The Trick to Keeping Rodents Out of Your El Centro Restaurant

December 15, 2021 - Rodents

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While there are many pests that can invade your El Centro, California restaurant, rodents are some of the most common. Both mice and rats are frequent invaders, and restaurants provide them with the perfect environment to thrive. Both mice and rats are attracted to places with easy access to food and water, so restaurants with their bustling kitchens and meals coming and going to customers are sure to attract them. In fact, rodents can even be drawn in by small crumbs and spills, so even spotless restaurants and kitchens can still be a draw for them.

Rodents in your business can pose significant risks. Both mice and rats are dangerous to human health and also very invasive. This guide is here to help you get the information you need to keep your restaurant safe from these troublesome pests.

What Do Mice & Rats Look Like?

While these two species look similar and pose similar issues, they do look slightly different. Mice are much smaller at only around five inches long including their tails, while rats can reach up to 15 inches in length.

Mice are brownish-grey and have long, thin tails, while rats are brownish-grey to black with shorter, scaly tails. Mice also have more pointed faces, and rats have a blunter face shape.

Just How Many Problems Can Rodents Cause For My Business?

Rodents are dangerous for any home or business, but they can particularly ruin a restaurant’s reputation. Having mice or rats around can lead to health code violations and make customers not want to return.

Some of the specific health risks rodents pose including:

  • Spreading many different illnesses, including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever

  • Carrying parasites such as ticks and fleas can lead to outbreaks of other illnesses

  • Leaving their fur, droppings, and urine around which can cause respiratory problems, including asthma attacks and allergies

Along with the many health concerns, rodents can also damage property. They will chew through everything from wires to pipes to drywall to plastic. This means they can damage all kinds of items found throughout the business.

How Can You Keep Rodents Out Of Your Restaurant?

While rodents are rather challenging to prevent, you can still take action to keep them away. Here are five steps you should follow to deter rodents from getting inside your restaurant:

  1. Make sure doors remain closed when not in use.

  2. Remove any standing water from around the property.

  3. Stress that food messes should be cleaned up promptly and explain to employees why this is so important.

  4. Place lids on all trash cans. Make sure these lids are secure. Also, take out the trash often.

  5. Keep rodents from getting inside by sealing holes in the walls and foundation with steel wool and wire mesh products. You’ll want to use something that these pests can’t chew through.

The Best Rodent Prevention Tip

While taking steps on your own can reduce the chance of a rodent problem, the easiest and most effective way to prevent them is with commercial pest assistance. The experts at Imperial County Pest Control offer ongoing pest treatments for your business that are the best and safest way to keep your restaurant safe from these pests.

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