What You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Your El Centro Home

November 13, 2020 - Cockroaches

cockroach in kitchen

While it’s safe to say you don’t want any pests to infest your home, there’s something about a cockroach infestation that can really make your skin crawl. Perhaps it’s because cockroaches infest in large numbers. Perhaps it’s because they are hard to get rid of, or perhaps it’s because they spread all kinds of harmful pathogens, bacteria, and diseases. Really, there are many reasons you don’t want cockroaches coming around your house. As such, you need to know what your options are should your El Centro home become infested with these dangerous pests. 

Identifying Common Area Cockroaches

All cockroaches have flat, oval-shaped bodies, six spine-covered legs, antennae, and heads that are smaller than their bodies. However, they do differ in size and color depending on the species. Additionally, some species of cockroaches have wings and are able to fly while others are not. Two species of cockroach common to El Centro include German cockroaches and American cockroaches.

German cockroaches are light brown or tan in color and feature two dark parallel lines on their backs, just behind their heads. They can grow to be anywhere from ½ to 4/8th of an inch long. Both males and females have wings, however, neither fly very often as they prefer to run. German cockroaches prefer warm and humid locations, preferably close to food and water sources.

American cockroaches are reddish-brown in color and feature a yellowish figure-eight pattern on the backs of their heads. They are the largest species of home-invading cockroach in the United States, measuring in at about 2 1/8th inches. Males and females of this species both have wings and will fly for short distances. They prefer dark, warm, and damp locations in which to live.

While outside, cockroaches frequently reside in areas that provide them with easy access to food and water. However, these areas are often also full of harmful bacteria and pathogens that the cockroaches can pick up. Places that cockroaches like to live include sewers, drain pipes, garbage dumps, and dumpsters.

Why Cockroaches Enter Homes

There are a few different reasons why cockroaches might enter a home. Generally speaking, the main reason for cockroaches to enter a home is because they are searching for food, water, or shelter. If they experience a food shortage in their natural habitat, or if the climate shifts drastically, cockroaches will turn to our homes as viable alternatives. As such, the improper storage of food and trash can be big attractors for cockroaches to come inside. Additionally, as many cockroaches prefer humid or damp areas, if you have any leaky pipes inside your house, or if your home is overly humid, that could be very attractive for cockroaches.

Dangers Posed By Cockroach Infestations

As cockroaches are known to live in a variety of filthy locations where they can pick up all sorts of harmful bacteria and pathogens, if they do enter into a home, they can then spread those contaminants throughout it. Countertops, dishes, and even food that has been improperly stored could all be contaminated if cockroaches find their way inside. Diseases that cockroaches have been known to spread include salmonellosis, dysentery, plague, E. coli, cholera, typhoid, and listeriosis among many others. Moreover, cockroaches have been known to trigger allergies and asthma in at-risk people.

What To Do If Cockroaches Infest Your Home

Given all the harmful diseases that cockroaches are known to spread, you need to know what your best option is should your home become overrun with these pests. In such a case, don’t hesitate and contact the professionals here GotBugs?-Imperial County Pest Control right away. Not only will our trained pest technicians effectively eliminate any home pest infestation with which you are dealing, but we will also work with you to better secure your home from future infestations. Don’t let cockroaches put the health and safety of your family at risk. Give us a call today.

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