How To Stop An Infestation In El Centro Before It Begins

November 15, 2022 - Cockroaches

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Unfortunately, keeping cockroaches out of your home is no easy feat. These pests are infamous for their ability to survive almost anything, and once they find their way inside your home, they’re there for good unless you seek professional pest control in El Centro. Read on to learn more about keeping cockroaches out of your home, how to keep them from reproducing, and how Imperial County Pest Control can help your home be roach-free year-round today.

Roach Eggs: How To Prevent An Infestation

The first step to preventing an infestation is to prevent cockroach eggs in your home from being laid. To do that, you need to know how they get inside your home in the first place:

  • Holes: Cockroaches can squeeze through even the tiniest of holes. If your home has any sized hole in its siding or the roof, it is accessible to roaches.

  • Doors and windows: If doors and windows are left open, or if there is space under a door, roaches will easily slide through and into your home. Broken window screens are also prime ways for roaches to enter your home.

  • Hitching rides: You and your family could also be bringing cockroaches into your home without your knowledge. Like bed bugs, roaches might sneak into your bags and clothes when you are out and about and hitch a free ride right into your home.

Preventing roaches means ensuring your home is secure. The professionals at Imperial County Pest Control can help you pinpoint the conducive conditions in your home that are allowing for an infestation to take root and prosper. Give us a call for help with this today!

Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs?

No matter what types of cockroaches you’re dealing with, the unfortunate thing about them is that they will lay their eggs anywhere. Cockroach eggs, called ootheca, can be found under your sinks, in your pantries, in your dresser drawers, or in your garbage cans. They can also be found outside in wood piles, baseboards, or by furniture legs. This is one of the many reasons you need professional cockroach control; they are simply too difficult to root out on your own with over-the-counter products. The pros at Imperial County Pest Control have the tools and treatments needed to effectively reach and kill cockroach eggs before they hatch. Don’t risk missing a few eggs and your infestation continuing; give us a call.

What To Do About Cockroach Eggs In Your Home 

The best thing you can do for yourself if you are finding cockroach eggs is to call for professional pest control help. Roaches are prolific breeders; roach eggs can contain up to 30 nymphs each. Even if you manage to kill the mature cockroaches, finding and eliminating each egg they produce is very difficult to do on your own.

Additionally, cockroach pesticides from over-the-counter products are notorious for not being strong enough to take out these adult roaches and their eggs. Roaches are so resilient, in fact, that even the salmonella strains they pass on are more resistant to antibiotic treatments, and a different, more powerful version has to be used to clear up the disease.

Total Residential Cockroach Extermination Services

Simply put, no one should have to live with these terrible, disgusting pests. At Imperial County Pest Control, we put the customer experience above all else, ensuring that we destroy your cockroach infestation without becoming a pest to you ourselves. If you have spotted signs of cockroaches in your home, don’t wait until the problem gets worse; let’s get ahead of the issue together today. Give us a call!

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