How To Safely Treat For Rodents In El Centro Homes

October 15, 2022 - Rodents

a house mouse in a kitchen

No one wants to share their home with rodents, but unfortunately, these pests are all too common in El Centro. If you think you have a problem with rodents on your property, it's not something you should ignore. Rodents can damage property and even spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home. Your local experts at Imperial County Pest Control are here to help. We'll share some tips on common rodents that might invade your home in this area, how to safely get rid of them, and how to keep your home rodent-free with pest control in El Centro.

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In El Centro?

There are three main types of rodents in El Centro that might invade your home in El Centro, including mice, Norway rats, and roof rats:

  • Mice: Mice are the smallest of the three, and they're also the most common type of rodent pest in El Centro. These small rodents can squeeze through tiny openings to get inside homes, and they're known for being able to climb walls and jump. 

  • Norway rats: Norway rats are larger than mice, and they're also good climbers. They can squeeze through small openings, but they're more likely to enter homes through holes in the foundation or gaps in the doorways. 

  • Roof rats: Roof rats are the largest of the three, and they're good climbers too. They get their name from the fact that they're often found in attics and other high places in homes. 

Any of these rodents can cause big problems in your home, such as damaging your property, contaminating your food, and spreading disease. That's why it's important to take action quickly if you think you might have a rodent problem.

How To Keep Pet Food Away From Rodents In El Centro

One of the main reasons that rodents invade homes is because they're looking for food. If you have pet food on your property, that's a big attractant for rodents. To keep them away, be sure to store pet food in tightly sealed containers and clean up any spills immediately. You should also avoid leaving pet food out overnight, as that's when rodents are most active.

How To Use Pest Control Products Safely Around Kids & Pets

If you do have a rodent problem, you'll want to take action quickly to get rid of them. However, you also need to be careful about the pest control products you use, especially if you have kids or pets. Some products can be toxic if ingested, so it's important to follow the directions carefully and keep products out of reach of children and pets. Also, be sure to ventilate the area well when using any pest control products.

The safest way to eliminate rodents is with the help of a professional pest control company like Imperial County Pest Control We'll be able to safely get rid of rodents in your home so you can rest assured they're gone for good and your kids and pets are safe.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In El Centro And Keep Them Away

The best way to get rid of all kinds of rodents in El Centro is to call a professional pest control company like Imperial County Pest Control We're experts at eliminating pesky Southern California rodents and other pests. We're known as the small business that delivers big results because we take care of our customers and treat your home like it's our own. You can rest assured that we'll get rid of your rodent problem quickly and efficiently, and your family will be safe. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in El Centro. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you keep your home rodent-free.

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