How Dangerous Are Fire Ants In El Centro, CA?

September 10, 2021 - Ants

fire ants

Ants normally don’t worry people because of their constant presence and small size. However, these pests can put your health and well-being in a perilous state. Many insects and creatures are a threat because of the germs they carry. This includes ants. In addition to the medical concerns, ants can wreck your El Centro home or business and other belongings. The fire ant subgroup is both ruinous and harmful. Find out more about this and how Imperial County Pest Control can assist you in stopping them.

How Do Fire Ants Function? What Are The Dangers?

Fire ants range in size from 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long, and they are reddish-brown. They have two antennas and six legs. A black stinger caps the bottom of their frames. This subspecies isn’t from North America originally, but they can annihilate native ones. Sunny outdoor areas with loads of ground dirt are where these pests prefer to be. Residential yards and dry fields are examples of locations that tend to be affected by fire ants. They aren’t as common in shady spaces like forests. Given that they create mounds, the soil, landscaping, plant matter, and grass sod may be damaged.

Since fire ants are rampant in lawns, you can anticipate them coming indoors. Once they’ve penetrated a domicile or establishment, they will congregate in the kitchen. Obviously, this is because of the abundance of food. Among the things they consume are:

  • Sugary items

  • Meat

  • Vegetables

  • Grease

  • Honeydew

  • Seeds

  • Eggs from arthropods

On top of the aforementioned items, fire ants will eat insects and creatures. It doesn’t matter if they’re living or dead. Worms, birds, rodents, ticks, spiders, and more can be attacked. Considering this, a general pest problem may be underway. Getting rid of these ants won’t be a simple process because they reproduce rapidly and in great numbers. A colony can have over 100,000 members. Moreover, fire ants have a reputation for repeatedly spreading out and creating fresh nests.

Crushing a fire ant mound is very risky. The consequences can be steep after a bite, especially when these bugs target prey in droves. Burning sensations and pain will occur locally. Skin inflammation and scarring will also come. Allergic reactions, sweating, or nausea are signs to seek immediate medical attention. If you have allergies or pre-existing conditions, your bodily responses may be more intense. Elderly individuals and children are particularly vulnerable as well. Fire ants won’t spare pets either. They will use their mandibles to inject an alkaloid venom.

Are There Ways to Prevent Fire Ants?

Ants can creep through any size crevice. Therefore, you must maintain preventative measures. To keep the bugs away, take these actions:

  • Close up holes in foundations, doors, windows, and utilities.

  • Promptly repair all leaks and moisture dysfunctions.  

  • Make sure window screens and door sweeps are intact.

  • Wash kitchen dishes, countertops, and cabinets often. Do not exclude appliances.  

  • Take out the trash and vacuum carpeting regularly.

  • Put food and garbage in secure containers.

  • Take care of food messes as soon as possible.

  • Distance greenery and wood from the property by two feet.

  • Don’t allow loose wood, like fire logs, to touch the soil.

How Will Imperial County Pest Control Handle Fire Ants?

Using commercial insecticides on ants is not wise. Each species has its reaction to various treatments. Furthermore, many products are noxious. We at Imperial County Pest Control have eco-friendly home pest control and commercial pest solutions that are safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. Some of our interior and exterior approaches are dusting, granules, perimeter barriers, and more. When you call or email us today, you’ll receive a free inspection with no obligation!

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