Answering The Most Commonly Asked Questions About El Centro's Bed Bugs

September 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

bed bug up close on skin

There is a good chance you have questions about bed bugs. Most people do. These small insects are not only elusive, but they also are not commonly talked about and they can catch homeowners by surprise. Our goal is to inform members of our community about bed bugs so they don’t have unfortunate run-ins with these sleep-wrecking insects. If you want to learn about bed bugs, keep reading. For pest control in El Centro and a quick solution to an existing infestation inside your home, call our team at Imperial County Pest Control. We will talk you through our bed bug control options and schedule an appointment for your home.

What Is A Bed Bug's Lifespan?

Bed bugs are interesting little insects. For example, let's look at their lifespan. On average these pests live for two to four months. What is strange is that young nymphs are able to survive without a blood meal for several weeks to a few months. Adult bed bugs are able to survive even longer without blood. Some have been recorded living for over a year in optimal conditions. This is one reason why bed bug infestations are so hard to manage. When faced with danger, bed bugs crawl off and hide in the deepest reaches of homes. It is only after they feel safe that they will reemerge and start causing problems once again. 

Can Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly?

Bed bugs are not the fastest reproductive insects in El Centro. They do, however, expand their populations rather rapidly. A single female bed bug lays anywhere from 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime. These eggs take six to ten days to hatch and roughly 32 days to develop into adulthood. Between living in an egg and becoming an adult a bed bug goes through five main stages of development. These pests need a blood meal between each of these stages. Long story short, if you do not deal with an active bed bug infestation when you notice these pests, you will be dealing with an overwhelming problem in a relatively short time. If you are looking for bed bug removal to deal with an active problem, consider hiring our team at Imperial County Pest Control.

What Can Cause Bed Bugs To Come Into My Home?

The best way to describe bed bugs is to compare them to aimless hitchhikers. These small insects are constantly looking for items to crawl on or into that might lead them to new areas that provide them with fresh opportunities. They use things like backpacks, luggage, and used furniture to move from house to house and require the help of people to infest new homes. You might help bed bugs invade your home by picking up an item they are hiding inside. You might also leave an item on the ground in public and have these pests crawl over and hitch a ride. The only way to avoid these pests is to keep a vigilant eye out and be careful about what items come into your home. 

Professional Bed Bug Removal Services In El Centro 

For amazing bed bug control in El Centro, consider checking out Imperial County Pest Control Our team consists of highly trained technicians who have a passion for high-quality pest care services, and we offer detailed options to eliminate annoying sleep-wrecking insects. All you have to do is get in touch. We will work out the details and help you find a great option for getting rid of annoying bed bugs. 

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