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7 Signs Your El Centro Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

October 15, 2020 - Bed Bugs

bedbug on skin

Despite popular belief, bed bugs aren’t just a problem in the bedroom. These pests are common everywhere in the world and anywhere that’s densely populated, so while bed bugs can certainly infest your El Centro home, they can also cause problems in schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and public transportation. That means you can pick up bed bugs just about anywhere, and also spread them just about anywhere. No wonder bed bugs are such a common problem in El Centro!

If you think you have a bed bug problem, let’s identify these pests and learn the signs of an infestation.

El Centro’s Bed Bug Identification Guide

Bed bugs have appleseed-shaped bodies and only grow to about 5mm long, or about ? of an inch. These pests are reddish-brown, often growing darker once they’ve ingested blood. Bed bugs have six legs, small mouths, and from a distance, they often look like specks that you wouldn’t even notice.    Nonetheless, bed bugs are quite problematic. A long-term infestation can cause insomnia, distress, anemia, and scarring from their many bites. People with a bed bug problem often wake up with welts along their shins and forearms. The sooner you spot an infestation, the sooner it can be treated, so let’s review the most common signs of bed bugs. 

7 Signs Of Bed Bugs

  1. You see the bugs themselves. These nocturnal pests come out after dusk and camp out near furniture, though you often need to get up close to see one. 

  2. Bug bites. Frequent, scratchy welts showing up along exposed skin usually means you have bed bugs, especially if new bites only form in the morning. 

  3. Bed bug skins. These pests cast their exoskeletons as they mature, so you may see evidence of their pale skins in your sheets or furniture.

  4. Fecal spots. If the speck isn’t a bed bug, it might be their feces, which is even smaller and harder to see. 

  5. Musty odors. A pervasive bed bug problem can leave an odor often described as that of a wet towel.

  6. Blood-stained sheets. You might not even realize you have bug bites until you see your blood droplet in the sheets or on your clothes. 

  7. Red or brown stains. Aside from blood, these pests can also stain your sheets if you accidentally squash one in your sleep.

Removing A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bug problems are exceedingly common throughout the United States. These pests are hitchhikers, often latching on to your clothes or bags from a common area. They spread and reproduce faster than exterminators can keep up with, making them a source of insomnia and distress for millions of homes every year.   While you can check for bed bugs before you enter your home and vacuum regularly, few things can be done to prevent bed bugs. At the same time, few things can be done to treat them, as they reproduce quickly and can hide in the tiniest of cracks.    If you have a bed bug invasion, save yourself time and money by contacting your local pest professionals right away. Imperial County Pest Control is proud to offer pest control service for homes in El Centro, especially when it comes to bed bugs. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get a good night’s sleep again.  

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